WOW!! Tennessee Going for The Jugular.

Aug 23, 2020; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) makes a catch during an NFL training camp football practice Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020, in Atlanta. Mandatory Credit: John Bazemore/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have just become a problem. After weeks of speculation and Tennessee players clambering for Jones they finally have their man. The Titans have been a serious team in the AFC for a few years now but have always weekends to cup short, running the ball over 30 times a game doesn’t appear to be sustainable in the playoffs. Now they won’t have to. 

Underrating? Definitely. 

Ryan Tannehill has been incredible since taking over the starting role over Mariota. Since taking over Tannehill has led the entire NFL in passer rating (114) in that time, led the league in yards per pass attempt (8.54), and 3rd in passing touchdowns (55). Ryan Tannehill is a top 10 quarterback in the league and people need to start looking at him as such. On a team that is ultimately a run-heavy team, Tannehill has shown that when it matters and he is required to, he answers the call. Ryan Tannehill has also led the league in 4th quarter comebacks and game-winning drives since he took over in Tennessee. Tannehill deserves a lot more respect than he is given. Now you give him Julio Jones to add to the run game and AJ Brown? The Titans are ready to go all the way. 

A Nightmare for Any Defense

How do you game plan again the Titans? In recent years, you knew exactly what they were going to do and you still struggled to stop them. Before you’d be able to load the box and hope you have enough guys around to bring him down. You no longer have the luxury of deploying extra men to stop the run. You have 2 incredibly physical wide receivers you need to worry about. So you have fewer guys to deal with Henry in the run game and you have not 1 but 2 game wreckers on the outside you have to game plan for. 

Julio and AJ Brown are instantly the best wide receiver duo in the league. Both extremely physical, have the speed to beat you over the top and can go over you to grab the ball. Ryan Tannehill can quite literally throw it up in any direction and one of his receivers would probably come down with it. How do you manage it? Do you double one of them and hope the other has a quiet game? Or do you try and cover them both and leave gaps in the run game for Henry to toy with your linebackers? Either way, it’s not looking good for anyone and defensive coordinators will be losing sleep when they have to play against the Titans.  

Super Bowl Aspirations?

The Titans have made their intentions clear with this trade. They see a window of opportunity and they are taking it. A year remove from an AFC Championship loss to the eventual winners, the Titans look to get back there and go even further. The Titans are solid on defense and their ability to control time of possession with the run game helps with that. The Titans can now feel confident that they can hurt teams in a multitude of ways. They can run it down your thought and as soon as you begin to creep up and attempt to stop the run, the passing game is wide open. 

Tennessee has everything they need now to make a deep playoff run. No one, including Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City, will be looking forward to the prospect of playing against the Tennessee Titans.