Wild Predictions for the 2021 NFL Draft

Apr 28, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, United States; A pedestrian bridge with the words “Take the Stage” prior to the 2021 NFL Draft at the intersection of Prospect Ave and Ontario St. in downtown. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2021 NFL Draft tomorrow, it’s time to throw out some bold predictions on what will happen during the draft. These will be predictions that look unlikely to happen as of right now but could end up shocking the NFL tomorrow night. Just remember, these are just wild predictions and not what I think will happen. The NFL Draft is always a bit crazy, so why not start the fun a bit early?

#5. The Miami Dolphins Trade Again

The Dolphins are not finished making moves. They have already traded their first-round pick twice this year, but they will make one more trade. With a run of quarterbacks in the top five, the Dolphins can trade down to another quarterback-needy team, and get some extra picks, and still get a bluechip prospect. General manager Chris Grier has shown he’s not scared to make trades, and if he can get good value from a team that will overpay for a quarterback, he will do so. 

#4. The Minnesota Vikings Trade for the Future

This prediction sounds insane. The Vikings don’t have a second-round pick, and Kirk Cousins is under contract for two more seasons. However, if Trey Lance or Justin Fields fall out of the top five, don’t be surprised if general manager Rick Spielman makes a few phone calls to get their future starter. We saw something similar four years ago when the Chiefs traded up for Patrick Mahomes, despite having made the playoffs the last few seasons. The Vikings have shown interest in quarterbacks this draft, most notably, having not re-signed backup Sean Mannion, and as such, they may be targeting some of the top-end quarterbacks in this strong class. 

#3. The Green Bay Packers Trade Jordan Love

Last year, the Packers traded up to draft quarterback Jordan Love. It seemed silly at the time, and after a season where Aaron Rodgers won the MVP, it makes even less sense. Love is currently their successor to Rodgers. But with Rodgers publicly stating he wants to play into his 40s and the Packers recently affirming that he will be their guy for the foreseeable future, they may take advantage of Love’s value and try to recoup some draft picks. The Packers have a championship window right now, so getting picks this year while giving up a future asset could help them maximize their window. 

#2. The Raiders Draft a Quarterback

We’ve known for years now that Jon Gruden is not super high on quarterback Derek Carr. There have been many reports the last few weeks that the Raiders have been researching quarterbacks and are considering taking one at 17. The Raiders have made some questionable draft decisions the last couple of seasons, reaching on Damon Arnette and Clelin Ferrell in the first round. With five quarterbacks projected to go in the first 15 picks, the Raiders will be too late to get one of them. While a trade-up is possible, this isn’t the ideal situation for them and would also get outbid by other quarterback-needy teams. Which only means one thing. They will be drafting Davis Mills or Kellen Mond in the first round. 

#1. David Gettleman Makes History

In eight seasons as general manager for the Giants, David Gettleman has done a lot of things. However, one thing he has never done is to trade down in the first round. No matter where they pick in the first round, Gettleman always opted to take a player at that spot instead of trading back and getting more picks. This trend will change on Thursday. The Giants are at the 11th pick and a perfect situation for teams that desperately want a bluechip prospect to trade up. Whether it’s a wide receiver, offensive tackle, or a quarterback, a player that we think is a lock for the top ten will make it to the 11th pick. That means some team will be ready to give Gettleman an offer he cannot refuse.