Who Is Still Available in Free Agency?

Sep 20, 2020; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Tennessee Titans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney (99) during the first half against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

You wouldn’t associate the words ‘game changers’ with free agents still available this close to the draft. The assumption would be that all the best players are gone and only players that are solid back-ups and roster spot fillers would the ones that are around. At this point, most of the premier players on both sides of the ball have been scooped up by day 2 of free agency. However, there are still some very good players available, players that can change how well your team does this upcoming season. 

Antonio Brown – Wide Receiver

This goes without saying, the only reason the man was even allowed to see free agency is because of his off-the-field antics. On the field, Antonio Brown cannot be questioned. His work ethic cannot be questioned. Everything to do with the game of football he does it to almost perfection. A healthy and available Antonio Brown is still one of the best players in all of football and wherever he goes will have a real difference-maker on their hands.

Possible Teams: Buccaneers, Packers, Seahawks

Richard Sherman – Cornerback

What Richard Sherman brings to a locker room is invaluable, it’s almost like having a 2nd defensive coordinator in there. The way he studies the game and his ability to diagnose what the opposing offense is doing. He may not be as athletic as he once was, but he can still make a huge contribution to a team. His experience and ability to help the younger guys in the DB room is priceless. 

Possible Teams: Jets, Cardinals, Raiders

Adrian Peterson – Running Back

When Adrian Peterson said he wanted to play until he was 40, no one thought that even possible especially for a running back. After rushing for more than 1500 yards and 12 touchdowns over the last 2 seasons with Washington and Detroit. Peterson still seems to have a lot left in the tank, maybe not to be anyone lead back but a solid short-yardage back to come in and share the load with your starting back. 

Possible Teams: Cowboys, Chiefs, Buccaneers

Jadeveon Clowney – Defensive End

A veteran leader that can still produce. Clowney has always been a solid edge rusher, has never produced a double-digit sack season, and has never really lived up to the hype that got him drafted number 1 overall in 2014.  Although he has never produced elite seasons, Clowney still has the ability to wreck games and completely take over. You pair him up with an elite rusher on the other side and good luck trying to slow down that pass rush. Clowney can still beat most linemen 1 on 1 on any given Sunday. 

Possible Teams: Vikings, Giants, Ravens

Earl Thomas – Safety 

You probably weren’t expecting this one. Another player who has all the talent but can’t seem to figure it out off the field, whether it may be publicly attacking your team verbally or getting into physical altercations with teammates at practice. Earl Thomas may find it hard to get back onto an NFL roster, but he can certainly have an instant impact on any teams he goes to. Whether he gets the opportunity is another matter altogether.

Possible Teams: Cowboys, Jets 

Other Notable Free Agents – 

Everson Griffen (Defensive End), KJ Wright (Linebacker), Melvin Ingram (Defensive End), Casey Hayward (Cornerback), Dre Kirkpatrick (Cornerback), James Conner (Running Back).