Where Can Aaron Rodgers Win Another Super Bowl?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates scoring a touchdown with wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown in the second quarter Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Apc Packvsjaguars 1113200448
Where can Aaron Rodgers win a Super Bowl?

It’s the biggest story in football at the moment. What’s going on with Aaron Rodgers? Is he heading for the exit in Green Bay? With the rumors circulating, there’s one question I want to look at. Where can Aaron Rodgers win another Super Bowl? If Rodgers is seeking an exit from Green Bay, at 37 years old and the reigning MVP. Surely he’d only want to go somewhere he has a legitimate chance at winning a Super  Bowl. Especially when you consider the possibility he has the Jeopardy gig already lined up, and the next part of his career in place.

Where then is the sense of going to somewhere mediocre? The reported 3 preferred destinations of Rodgers are all out West, San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas. My first thought on this was he wants to head home to somewhere warm, after freezing his butt off in Green Bay for 16 years. I also wonder whether a move out there makes filming for Jeopardy easier, and that’s part of the motivation for this. 

Super Bowl Chances

So back to the question of where can Aaron Rodgers win another Super Bowl? Of those 3 preferred destinations, I’m ruling out the Las Vegas Raiders. As much as Rodgers can elevate a team, he wouldn’t be enough to make them contenders. The San Francisco 49ers are probably the best bet in the entire NFL, but I highly doubt Green Bay would be willing to trade within the NFC conference. So that also rules out the other teams in the NFC where the introduction of Rodgers, could be the little extra nudge to make them contenders. Washington and the New York Giants could have been the right team for Rodgers, but that’s not going to happen.

That leaves us with the Denver Broncos. A team with a pretty good defense, and good weapons on offense. The main thing they lack is a Quarterback. Drew Lock the 2nd round pick in 2019, hasn’t done much to breed confidence in him being “the guy”. Recently acquired free-agent signing Teddy Bridgewater is just a very good backup quarterback now. After passing on Justin Fields in the draft, do the Broncos feel like they have a chance at getting Rodgers? Or are they confident Drew Lock is their guy? Denver seems the most realistic landing spot for Rodgers, that could see him land that second Super Bowl ring.

Rest of the AFC?

If the AFC is the only logical destination. Where else could Rodgers go in search of a Super Bowl? One team that could require a Quarterback, is the Houston Texans. But not even somebody as talented as Aaron Rodgers could turn that franchise around, at least not in the time he has left in the game. I don’t see Rodgers playing on forever like Tom Brady, as we’ve already looked at he’s already dipping his toes into life after football.

That leaves 4 teams in the AFC that Rodgers could join and possibly win a Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans. The question is are any of those realistic destinations? At first glance it doesn’t seem so, but if Green Bay send out the message that they are ready to trade. Teams should be having a serious think about the possibility. He would improve all of those teams.

Staying in the NFC North

He could just stay at the team he has taken to back to back Championship games. But that is the boring option. Maybe all can be resolved in Green Bay, and we can put this saga behind us. Until next year. Of course, he could also waste a year somewhere in the AFC, then come back to the NFC North and lead the Minnesota Vikings to another Championship game. We’ve been down that road before. There are 3 ways I can see this panning out. Rodgers stays in Green Bay, but isn’t happy. Leading to a disappointing season for the Packers. He gets his trade to Denver and leads the Broncos to a deep play off run. Or Rodgers decides he’s had enough and goes off to host TV shows.