Top 10 Most Dangerous players Heading into Next season

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10 – Derrick Henry – Running Back

Henry is coming off a monster season, an all-time great season at that. 378 carries(1st), 2027 rushing yards(1st), 17 rushing touchdowns(1st). The entire Tennessee offense revolves around him and they go as far as he decided to take them. The best ability is availability, and Henry is almost always ready to play. For such a big back he is extremely fast and can take it to the house as easily as anyone else, tackling him is a nightmare and you need a group to do it.

That being said Henry is somewhat limited to being a 2 down back, he is often taken off the field on 3rd down due to his lack of pass-catching threat. You expect him to continue performing at this level and continue terrorizing defensive players.

9 – Davante Adams – Wide Receiver

Davante Adams is the embodiment of the word ‘Automatic’. There is not a single weakness in his game, his route running is so elegant and ran to perfection and his hands are elite. He registered a single drop last season on 146 targets(4th) having missed 2 games this past season due to injury. When Adams is on the field, he is guaranteed production, averaging over 8 catches a game and leading the league with 18 receiving touchdowns.

Adams rarely gets into physical skirmishes with DB’s because they can’t get hands on him, he is so quick and has such brilliant footwork that as soon as the ball is snapped, he is gone. The chemistry between he and Rodgers is frightening, it’s almost as if they know what the other is thinking at all times and Adams always just seems to be open. If he could stay healthy for 16 games, he would most definitely be leading the league in every category.

8 – Tyreek Hill – Wide Receiver

You can’t create a list of ‘weapons’ in regard to football and not include Tyreek. The threat of speed alone is enough to have defenses concerned. He can be used in so many different ways, out of the backfield, simple screens, or have him just outrun everyone else. Regardless of how you want to use him, he is dangerous. His ability with the ball in his hands is frightening for any defense and surely has coordinators losing sleep.

The only reason Tyreek is not higher on this list is simple, as good as he is, he can be limited. His routes aren’t the cleanest and doesn’t run every route on the tree, on top of that he tends to have some pretty significant drops. Nevertheless, he is one of the most dangerous players the league has ever seen, out of world speed coupled with a quarterback that can put the ball anywhere is a terrifying prospect.

7 – Dalvin Cook – Running Back

Dalvin Cook was involved in a total of 669 snaps last season, 51% of those were running snaps and 49% were passing. Long story short he can do it all. Cook had 1918 yards from scrimmage in 14 games last season, averaging 137 yards a game. He can do it all, finishing 2nd behind Henry in rushing attempts, yards, and touchdowns he is a pretty elite runner with the ball, but he is also extremely dangerous out of the backfield with 44 receptions for 361 yards and a TD.

His receiving tallies ranked 10th among running backs in the league and he did also record a few drops. Dalvin Cook is entering his prime and is being used more and more by the Vikings, the threat of his explosiveness opens up a lot of opportunities for the Vikings’ offense. His presence alone is enough to worry a defense just enough to allow Kirk Cousins and the passing game to thrive.

6 – Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback

The 2020 NFL MVP was considered by many to be past his best at the start of the season. Boy were they wrong. Rodgers recorded the highest PFF rating (95.1) of his entire career. Interceptions have never been an issue for Rodgers with a league-low 5, accompanied by a league-high 48 touchdowns. What he may have lost in mobility he makes up for by thinking faster than anyone else on the field and no matter who he is throwing to you always have a chance because Aaron Rodgers is the man throwing the ball for your team.

From pre-snap reads to his ability to put the ball literally anywhere he wants it to be is what makes him so unique. He sees things that others don’t and has so many ‘How on earth did he do that?’ moments every game. He finally has a real outside threat and it is evident for all to see how good he really is.

5 – Alvin Kamara – Running Back

Alvin Kamara had 1688 yards from scrimmage last season as well as leading the NFL in scrimmage touchdowns. The yards were quite evenly split; Ran for 932 yards (55%) and had 756 receiving yards (45%). Kamara can hurt you in so many different ways. Out of 766 offensive snaps Kamara lined up in the slot or at wideout 164 times.

Although the stats for each aren’t as impressive as some of the others on this list his versatility is what makes him so unique. You need to know where he is at all times because one lapse in concertation and you see 6 on the board.

4 – Travis Kelce – Tight End

Had he not been rested in the last game of the season; Travis Kelce would have led the entire league in receiving yards. Kelce had 1416 yards from the tight end position. Some may argue that Travis Kelce is the most dominant offensive player in the league, and you would be hard-pressed trying to prove otherwise. When a player is 6’5, 260lbs and can outrun most players on defense and catch better than most receivers you’ve got a problem.
Game planning got Kelce is near enough impossible.

No linebacker in the league can match up with him because he is too fast and his route running is up there with the best. No defensive backs can match up because he is too big and strong. You are forced to double him opening up the rest of the field for the likes of Hill to have fun. As close to un-coverable as you can get in the league.

3 – Christian McCaffrey – Running Back

Before McCaffrey got hurt in week 2, he was well on pace for another 1000 x 1000 season after becoming only the 3rd player ever to achieve such a feat. It’s easy to forget how good he is having missed almost an entire season, but we would be silly to underestimate what he brings to a game. He can shake anyone out of their cleats, he can jump over you or run
past you.

He may not be the biggest back but even when you tackle him, he seems to get a couple of extra yards every play. McCaffrey is a complete football player who does everything needed of him to such a high level. I’ve mentioned other players on this list that can do what he does but none of them do it to the level of McCaffery.

2 – Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback

It’s kind of hard to create a list of anything these days with regards to football and not have Patrick Mahomes at, or very close to the top of that list. Anyone with eyes that watches the game of football can see what he brings to the table. Arm talent like we have never seen before coupled with high-level athleticism. A guy who can not only make every throw imaginable (or unimaginable) but extend the play by running around when the play breaks down and throw a 60-yard bomb off-platform.

He can do it all and more. For his normal standards, this was considered somewhat of a down year for Mahomes even though he was 2nd in passing yards and had 38 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions. Most days he is unplayable, and you just have to hope that his receivers are having an off day because he most definitely won’t.

1 – Lamar Jackson – Quarterback

Electrifying. For the 2nd straight season, Lamar Jackson rushed for over 1000 yards. It’s scary when the quarterback is often the faster player on the field and not just straight-line speed. He can stop on a dime, dance around opposing defenders, and whatever else you want him to do at that particular moment. As I’ve mentioned for a few other players on this
list, their perceived threat alone opens up so many other possibilities. Defenses are well aware of Lamar’s ability (most of the time they can’t stop him), so you have no choice but to account for it and game plan against it, opening up gaps in your pass defense to be exploited.

Lamar is so captivating with the ball in his hands we often forget he is a pretty good passer of the ball too. He was 7th in overall QBR this past season and threw 64.4% (same as Tom Brady), all without having a number 1 receiver and having the highest drop rate (7.5%) among all quarterbacks. Lamar is a number 1 receiver and a little tweak in his mechanics away from tearing this league apart.