Kamara’s Next Path to Feature Left Turns Only?

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara greets NASCAR Cup Series driver Aric Almirola before the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 race at the Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, Tenn., Sunday, June 20, 2021. Ally400 062021 An 002

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara recently announced that he is joining the ranks of NFL athletes who are involved in other professional sports.

The fifth-year standout and former Tennessee Volunteer announced Sunday that he has officially joined a partnership with NASCAR and was hired to be the organization’s first Growth and Engagement Advisor. More than a year after attending his first NASCAR race in support of African-American driver Bubba Wallace Jr., the running back expressed his interest in stock car racing following the organization’s ban of Confederate flags from all future events thanks to advocacy efforts led by Wallace.

Description of Role

In his new role, per the NASCAR website, Kamara will work directly with the leadership of the organization on strategic planning and creative opportunities that support its fan development efforts. He will also connect with fans and share his own fan experience on social media. As for being the first person to hold the position, he is elated to get the opportunity.

“It’s an honor to be able to team up with NASCAR and be their first-ever Growth and Engagement Advisor,” he said in a press release. “I’m excited to use my passion as a fan to help shape their long-term efforts to grow the sport.”

In addition to working with NASCAR’s leadership, Kamara will also be involved with the organization’s Marketing team under Chief Marketing Officer Pete Jung as a contributor to planning, ideation, and activation around fan development and engagement. One thing Jung gave high praise to Kamara is his fandom and dedication to the sport.

“Alvin’s journey to NASCAR happened very organically from that initial curiosity to experiencing our events to developing a real and sincere passion for the sport,” Jung said. “That’s what we’re looking to tap into … his insights, perspectives, and ideas . . . and learning more about his experience so that we can enhance what we’re doing to engage and develop new fans.”

Since last June, Kamara’s involvement in NASCAR has grown as a far and also as a sponsor. As a matter of fact, his juice bar chain, The Big Squeezy, sponsored the car of Ryan Vargas in the Xfinity Series season opener at Daytona International Speedway this past February.

New Kid on the Block

With Sunday being his first day on the job, Alvin had the opportunity to walk through the media center and garages in Nashville, where the first race occurred since 2011. He didn’t release any official plans, however.
“Honestly, trying to get people that don’t look like the typical NASCAR fan to watch NASCAR, so I mean there’s a lot of plans,” he said. “This is my first official day. We’re out of the office. It’s race day. Talk to me in about a week and a half, two weeks, and we’ll have some plans.”

Kamara is excited to get to work with NASCAR, and he will attempt to attract more fans to the sport and generate more marketing interest.

More fans may be drawn to multiple different events with more superstar athletes in one sport becoming involved in other sports. For Alvin Kamara, NASCAR should see an uptick in its interest.