Aaron, Oh Aaron. What Are We Going To Do With You?

A new mural of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers by artist Beau Thomas can be found in the alley in the 300 block of South Broadway in Green Bay. Rodgersmural

Let’s take a second and talk about A-Rod, no not that A-Rod. However, it looks like they are both about to go through a public breakup. Our man Aaron Rodgers threw a Molotov at the NFL community on draft day. Publicly (kinda sorta) stating he didn’t want to play in Green Bay anymore; it feels pretty clear his camp leaked that info to Adam Schefter as the draft was about to commence. On one hand, the frustration he clearly feels is warranted, GB hasn’t exactly been the most helpful to him in his super bowl aspirations. Looking back at their past ten drafts they’ve only drafted one first-round wide receiver….. wait….. they didn’t even do that once? Seriously, the first iPhone came out three years AFTER they drafted one in the first round.

On the other hand, Green Bay is viewed as a model franchise. They have a history of success, they have stability throughout the organization. Not to mention a fan base that is loyal to a fault. They have tried to build a defense around Aaron that can help get him there because they view his talent to be so immense he can elevate the players on offense. His talent was on full display last year as he put the team on his back (shout out Greg Jennings video) and got them to the NFC championship game. 

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Aaron is a complicated superstar, he isn’t Brett Favre. Their parallels run deep not only were they married as star and successor but in the eyes of the fans. The folks who buy the tickets weren’t sold on Aaron, he wasn’t a country boy with undeniable charisma. He didn’t light up a room and endear himself to his teammates. Aaron has always been a bit different, more academic than athletic in traditional terms. This is apparent by his recent stint as Jeopardy host. He carries himself differently than a superstar quarterback, though a savant at the position he isn’t the good ole boy that studies film. 

That brings us here, a marriage in counseling. Aaron and the Packers. There has been talk in recent days about Aaron and a dispute with Brian Gutenkunst the General Manager of the Packers. Let’s be clear about this Gutenkunst isn’t going anywhere, at least not yet. You couldn’t make a more perfect marriage between a Wisconsin-based team, and a midwest German guy. To borrow a line from a very popular podcast “Gutenkunst’s blood type is Spotted Cow and Butter” He is the guy in Green Bay that they trust to carry them out of the Rodgers Era whenever that may be. That lends itself to the question, where will Aaron suit up next year? 

The Denver Broncos. 

The Broncos have the second-highest odds on Fanduel. They have a roadmap for success (see Manning, Peyton) they have shown the ability to win with an older QB. They have a defense and a skill group that is clearly enticing. The biggest problem we can see is with the HC Fangio is a defense-first guy, unless he gives almost all offensive control to Aaron and hires a yes-man OC I don’t see it. 

The Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders are +500 to land the services of Mr.Rodgers. They boast a recently gutted offensive line, a wide receiver room that was just led by Nelson Agholor (BIG YIKES) with a splash of Darren Waller. Jon Gruden is… well… he’s Jon Gruden man. I think this is also a tough fit, based on personal, etc, is this team in its current state ready to make a run with Aaron? I think we can all agree it’s a resounding no. 

The New Orleans Saints.

The Saints come in at +900, we haven’t heard any buzz around them really. The biggest reason this is so hard to believe is the salary cap situation in NO. It is well documented that they have the least flexibility of any of these teams. One could argue they would be the best football fit. A creative head coach, a stellar weapon in Kamara, and an indoor stadium that has long welcomed an air raid offense. 

The Green Bay Packers

The trade speculation and the ripple effects around the league are fun. I love a good story as much as the next guy. A Mahomes Rodgers twice a year matchup in Denver would be a blast. In all reality I believe this is posturing, Aaron is expressing a frustration publicly that puts pressure on the organization to give him the tools he believes will allow him to leave the game on top. He wants the Packers to mortgage their future for the present. To give him another chance at glory. We know the collective football world will be watching to see if the Packers sign the paperwork.